Sermons on Matthew

Is the Gospel Worth It?

November 13, 2016 Matthew 13:31-35, 44-52  The disciples have journeyed with Jesus for a year and a half. They have seen Him do great things: healing the sick, lame, and blind; teaching crowds; and gathering followers. They also see and are confused by the religious establishment seeking to harm Him. We imagine that the disciples might ask questions such […]

Does My Life Count?

November 6, 2016 Matthew 13:1-9 Would you like to bear fruit in your life? Jesus alone produces fruit in His people. The Bible in Matthew 13:1-9 tells us that there are four types of listeners to His Word: the hard soil or deaf listeners, the rocky soil or shallow listeners, the thorny soil or distracted […]

Hope for the Mission

October 20, 2016 Matthew 12:15-21  As we pray about how we might live our life as mission so that God would use it to redeem Birmingham for Himself, we might be tempted to think it’s all up to us.  We are tempted to think that we are the hero of the story, that we are […]

Finding Rest on Mission

October 16, 2016 Matthew 11:25-30  When we rest in Jesus, we are yoked to Him, and He lifts the load off of us.  He lifts the load of guilt over past sins, of pretending to be someone we’re not, of responding immediately to emails and text messages, and even of projecting an image of who […]

When We Doubt

October 9, 2016 Matthew 11:1-24 If John the Baptist, the greatest man who ever lived, had doubts about his calling and about who Jesus was, it is ok for us to have doubts, too. The question is, where do we take our doubts? Jesus demonstrates that we must take our doubts to Him. His mercies […]

When We’re Afraid

September 25, 2016 Matthew 10:24-33 A new chapter has begun at Cahaba Park. We want to be a church that exists for the good of Birmingham to the glory of Christ. As a church, we are praying and asking God where and how He would have us live our lives as mission. To prepare for […]

Cost of Discipleship

September 18, 2016 Matthew 10:9-23 Matthew introduces us to Jesus in chapters one through four of his Gospel. In chapters five through seven, we hear Jesus teach; in eight and nine, we witness His miracles. In chapter 10, our attention is turned toward the people of God living life as mission–living in light of who […]

Life as Mission

September 11, 2016 Matthew 9:36-10:10 A new chapter is starting right now at Cahaba Park. As we see the Lord building this church, we are reminded in Scripture that we do not exist for ourselves but to be a blessing to others. At Cahaba Park, our desire is to be a church for Birmingham. As you, […]

City on a Hill: The Power of the Church

February 14, 2016 Matthew 5:14-16 In God’s mercy, he has seen fit to give Cahaba Park a new place to call home.  It is exciting and humbling, and it ought to cause us all to remember again: what is the mission Christ’s church?  As we celebrate what the Lord has done for us during our […]