Sermons on Luke

The Resurrection and Work

July 30, 2017 Luke 24:49  Sometimes, it is tempting to compartmentalize our faith and work into separate categories of the sacred and secular. The Gospel corrects us, for as far as the curse is found, the Resurrection reaches farther. Throughout this series, the way that the Resurrection affects our work has been a part of […]


Luke 24:13-35 March 27, 2016 Reverend Murray Lee As two travelers walked the long, lonely road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, they felt the weight of their great disappointment.  Jesus was their only hope, and with his death, it seemed that all was lost.  Then, a man meets them along the way, and walking with them, opens the Scriptures to them, revealing […]

Our Only Hope

March 20, 2016 Luke 19: 28-44 Reverend Murray Lee As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the day we celebrate as Palm Sunday, he wept.  He wept over a city that was so deeply religious and yet missed the very heart of their faith: himself.  As we consider Palm Sunday, Luke 19 calls believers to rejoice, […]

The Antidote to Worry

Luke 12: 22-34 November 8, 2015 If selfish greed means being constantly concerned with never getting enough, then worry is being constantly concerned with never having enough.  After Jesus speaks to the crowd about the eternal consequences of covetousness, He turns to his disciples and speaks to them about worrying.  Sometimes even the most fully devoted disciples are prone to […]

Rich in the Lord

Luke 12: 13-21 November 1, 2015 What does Jesus mean when he says that we are to be rich toward God?  Jesus’ parable in Luke 12 gives unique insight into what it means for Christians to live as a holy people when it comes to money.  He says we are to fear God rather than […]

The Power of the Resurrection for the Church

Luke 24:33-53 April 5, 2015 Luke ends his Gospel in the same way he began it: God’s people are gathered in the temple worshipping.  Now, the temple of God is where his people are, and not a decaying building that is doomed to destruction.  As God’s people worship in light of the reality of the Resurrection, […]

Two Kinds of Indifference

Luke 19:41-44 March 29, 2015 The Gospel is this: Jesus Christ came to earth to die for our sins that we might have eternal life.  This new life begins now, filled with new passions and new affections for the things he loves.  We cannot remain indifferent to this good news. How shall we respond?  Luke19:41-44 paints a hard picture about […]

Jesus at Dinner with a Notorious Sinner: A Challenge for our Lives

Dr. Jerram Barrs, Guest from Covenant Theological Seminary Listen to Dr. Jerram Barrs’ challenge to us from God’s Word. “The Lord calls us to follow Him into the world and make intimate friendships with people no matter what their sin, no matter what they’ve done or what they’re doing. Because this is the gospel and […]