Sermons on Genesis

Is Our Work for Our Glory?

July 16, 2017 Genesis 11:1-9 In our work, it is easy to focus on seeking our own security and glory. In Genesis 11, the people of Babel sought those things when building the tower. Through this Scripture, the Lord reveals to us this problem with our work and the rescue that we need. Sermon Outline: […]

The Frustration of Work

July 2, 2017 Genesis 3:14 – 19  All the work we do in our broken, fallen world has varying degrees of frustration. However, the frustrations we experience are there by God’s design. They remind us of our need for Him and the perfect, finished work of His Son, Jesus Christ. Sermon Outline: I. The Woman’s […]


June 18, 2017 Genesis 1:28; 2:8-9, 15 Many times, we are unable to articulate how our work participates with God in the cultivation of His creation. The reason for this is that we focus on bearing God’s image in the kind of work we do, rather than in the act of work itself. When God’s […]

God and Work

June 11, 2017 Genesis 1:26-27; 2:1-3, 15  What does the Bible say about work? Does it tell us that work is a necessary evil that we must do so that we can make money to support our lifestyles? Does it teach that our worth is tied to our position at work, or that there are more and […]

The Fall: Is this the End of the Story?

December 4, 2016 Genesis 3:1-19 On the sixth day, God created the crown of His creation. On the seventh day, God rested from His work, after having pronounced it “very good.” And so the Story began. It was a Story of intimacy and joy between God and His creation, and all was very good. Then […]

A Beautiful Scandalous Night

September 4, 2016 Genesis 38:1-30  Is it possible for someone to be beyond the reach of God’s grace?  Is it possible for a life of sin to be so bad that even Jesus’ death on the cross cannot overcome it?  While most will say, “No, there is no sin beyond the reach of God’s grace,” still we may doubt […]

A Love that Never Goes out of Style

Genesis 23:1-20 March 22, 2015 In our culture, the definition and picture of marriage has become a moving target. Genesis 23 gives us a picture of a Godly marriage. In it, Moses goes into more detail about Abraham burying Sarah than he did about Abraham marrying her. Abraham loved Sarah to the very end and […]