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Recovering Lost Love: Remember!

Revelation 2: 1-7 March 8, 2015 Loss of love happens unexpectedly. How can a church that is vigilant in its pursuit of truth lack love for Christ and for others? Because of sin, even our most virtuous deeds are corrupt. We regain lost love only through the work of the risen Christ.

Recovering Lost Love: The Supremacy of Christ

Revelation 1: 9-20 Murray Lee The early Church was a small group persecuted by mighty foes.  The situation seemed hopeless, yet it was not.  In Revelation 1:9-20, the Apostle John gives a picture of the majesty of Christ.  The Church must first behold Him as He is; only after that are they–and we–able to see all other things as they are.  

Recovering Lost Love: Our Great Hope

Rev. 1:7-8 What assurance do Christians have that any of the promises of God will come true?  A tired group of Christians in the Roman province of Asia wondered that when the Apostle John wrote about the second coming of Jesus.  Hope in Christ.  He is coming.  

Born Again: A Change We Can Believe In

John 2:23- 3:15 The Gospel of John drives us to stare into the reality of who Jesus is (see John 20: 30-31) and, in so doing, to be changed from the inside out.  In this passage, Jesus explains to Nicodemus this change, this second birth.  “Born again” is a change we can believe in because it […]

Recovering Lost Love: A Doxology

Revelation 1:4-6 What brings you peace?  Many of God’s good gifts are easy to list: family, home, work, recreation.  Each of these, wonderful as they may be, are also deeply flawed by sin.  The only source of true peace in this world is God.  In Revelation 1:4-6, he tells us, Rejoice!  We are God’s treasured […]

Recovering Lost Love: Who’s in Charge?

Revelation 1:1-3 After Jesus’ ascent into Heaven, the early church grew weary living in and fighting against the Roman culture, which was horrific and pervasive.  They longed for Christ’s final return, promised to be “soon” in the Book of Revelation.  Now, 2000 years later, the Church continues to fight and grow weary.  Revelation opens with […]

Jesus at Dinner with a Notorious Sinner: A Challenge for our Lives

Dr. Jerram Barrs, Guest from Covenant Theological Seminary Listen to Dr. Jerram Barrs’ challenge to us from God’s Word. “The Lord calls us to follow Him into the world and make intimate friendships with people no matter what their sin, no matter what they’ve done or what they’re doing. Because this is the gospel and […]

Outward in Mission

Acts 17:1-9 Acts 17 provides a clear picture of how a commitment to the work of Christ brings both opposition and support. How then are God’s people able to persevere in the mission of making disciples? Perseverance in discipleship is word-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, community strengthening and transforming. May we, like those Christians in Acts 17, […]

What a Stellar Salvation!

January 4, 2015 Do you ever stopped to consider how absolutely amazing our salvation is? It’s so much more than just forgiving our sins and holding on until we get to heaven. God takes pleasure in continually working in you, his children, for your sake, and so our dark world can catch a glimpse of […]

Lessons Learned from Old(er) People

December 28, 2014 A look at Simeon and Anna, elderly saints who were waiting for the Consolation of Israel/ the Redemption of Jerusalem, and the lessons learned from their lives that drive us to their only hope and our’s … Jesus Christ.