In September 2016, we began a new sermon series titled Redeem BHM: Life as Mission. To accompany that mission, our congregation received booklets to use for reflection and prayer.  In the front of those booklets was this introduction:

A new chapter is starting right now at Cahaba Park.  As we have seen the Lord build the church, we are reminded in Scripture that we do not exist for ourselves but to be a blessing to others.  At Cahaba Park, our desire is to be a church for Birmingham.  As you, the people of God, live your life as mission–in the way you conduct business deals, study for class, relate to your neighbors–you are making Birmingham a better place.  God is redeeming the city for Himself through your obedience to live your life missionally.  Over the next nine weeks, I am asking you to join me in praying this prayer: 

How should I live my life as mission so that You will use it to Redeem Birmingham for Yourself?

On the ninth week, we, as a congregation, will write down those specific areas to which we believe God is calling us.  That is just the beginning.  This is a new chapter at Cahaba Park, and those areas of life will become the launching point for a new vision for our lives, new relationships in the city, new leaders emerging, new churches planted, and a new Birmingham!

In November, as our weeks of prayer drew to a close, members of Cahaba Park received Redeem BHM cards, so that they could write out the answers to their prayers. That card is available online here.  If you would like a physical copy of the Redeem BHM card, please call or stop by the church office. The Redeem BHM booklets created to accompany the sermon series are also available.