“Because of being involved in a larger community, I was given a greater sense of what life would be like after college.” 

-Former Birmingham Southern College student

Cahaba Park’s intergenerational approach to ministry is a strength for members of all ages–including our college students.

We believe that the body of Christ benefits from interactions with members of all ages. College students can learn much from being involved in a variety of activities with a variety of church members, and the church body, in turn, can learn much from them.

Like any other member, college students are encouraged to attend Sunday school, K-Group, Bible studies, and Sunday morning worship services.  We believe we would be doing our church, and the students that come, a great disservice by isolating groups.

At the same time, we recognize the desire and need for college students to assemble separately. Our College Ministry leaders plan gatherings specifically for students—cookouts, service projects, and special events. This allows students from schools such as Birmingham Southern, Jefferson State, Samford, and UAB to get to know one another and fellowship as they grow in Christ within the Body.

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