Club 56

Upcoming Events:

Middle School RYM Conference, June 23-30, 2017: For to current 5th-7th graders. Enjoy a week on the beach!  We will enjoy outstanding teaching from the Word of God, plenty of beach time, and lots of games as we gather with over 600 students from across the Southeast. Contact Justin for more information.

Club 56 is a ministry just for 5th and 6th grade kids!

We believe that God isn’t just sitting around. In fact, He is continually involved with all created things, directing them to accomplish His eternal purposes. This ministry teaches children to recognize God’s providence in their lives and to joyfully trust His good purposes for them.

In Sunday School, Bible Study, and Club 56 (that’s what we call the actual “fun stuff”), kids learn about the God who is the sovereign ruler of the universe.  He is watching over all things, and His hand is working in all things – including KIDS!

Do you like swimming, good food, water balloon wars, paintball, sleep-overs, movie nights, bowling, pizza, lazer tag, go-karts, roller blading, going to the lake, and hanging out with friends?  Then Club 56 is the place for YOU!